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i cant play it its not in my downloads


this mod is truly epic

can you help me make a mod if so my discord is itz_darkangel265#3880

tuve un problema con el de 32x bit por que me decia que el archivo estaba dañado entonces no se si a otros les paso.




goood man

im downloading it

I WISH IT DINT NEED LIKE BLUE STACKS f* sooo i wish it dint need blue poop :)



Sad linux noises

feel like a monster


cool but I'm using a mac

if something seems wrong about the 32-bit version, lemme know!


do 32x plsssss


lowkey went overkill charting Thorns.

The trailer is a thing now!

Friday Night Stickmin’ Trailer ( on Vimeo


just press 7 and then go to the song icon and in the upper left you need to write "Monster" and then press reload json to see who it is.


who is the lemon demon?

hes a lemon that a demon and that wants to kill u and eat bf and gf


no in the mod

o let me check


hes a human with red eyes that wants to kill henry


he's a lemon that's a demon that's  want's to kill u

It's your profile picture